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MTN Innovation Challenge 2 is all about innovative, software based Business Ideas that include services, games, mobile applications, wearables etc. that fall into one (or more) of the below three challenging pillars of the economy:


Proposals that serve educational purposes not just for children or students and their learning standards, but also for adults who wish to expand their knowledge on various subjects or get involved into public awareness campaigns.


Software tools related to the multifaceted tourism industry, able to improve operational activities and enhance the travel experience, including transportation, navigation, accommodation, recreation, food, sports and many more.

Business productivity

Solutions that enhance business productivity by reducing operational costs, upgrading internal procedures, improving intra-company communication, monitoring and motivating employees, analysing performance and enabling the provision of improved services delivered to customers.


Your Business Idea can incorporate either the software tool that members of your start-up team have designed or the finest telecom network elements of MTN Service Delivery Platform (SDP). Think you can take it? Find out the deliverables of each Innovation Challenge Phase below and start innovating!


Give your Business Idea a chance and register now in Innovation Challenge 2 competition by the 30th of June 2015! All you need to do is fill in all mandatory fields in the registration form, as well as submit the below:

  • Description of your Business Idea in a sentence
  • Name of the Category under which it falls
  • Brief description (max. 100 words)

You will be informed whether you are eligible to proceed by the 30th of June.

Phase A
Your Business Idea got the desired go ahead to proceed? Submissions end on 31st of July, so don’t waste any time and start working on your actual Business plan!

First, take a look at the detailed deliverables of Phase A:

  • Business Plan. It should not exceed 20 pages in total, including all charts, graphs, exhibits, footnotes, etc. Only the Cover Page is excluded, as it does not count towards the page limit.
  • Cover page. It must include the name of your startup and logo (if any), as well as the names of your team members and their e-mail addresses.
  • Elevator Pitch. A short to-the-point summary of your startup (max. 200 words)
  • Clear content structure that can be based on the below example, but should not be limited to it:
    • The Business Idea
    • Market Analysis
    • Marketing and Promotion plan
    • Financial Projections
    • The Offering
    • Implementation Plan
  • Use cases. To showcase the usability of your product.
  • Prototypes, including UI samples. To better understand the usability and look & feel experience of your product, not its functionality.
  • Short complimentary presentation (ppt) that will not exceed 5 minutes (optional)

After following the above instructions, make sure you include all deliverables in a zip file and then upload it in the respective submission form field.

If you also wish to prepare a complimentary video to further support your business proposal, you can just share the link with us.

All participants will get the oprtunity to pitch their idea on the 5th of August 2015. MTN Innovation Challenge 2 Judges will evaluate your proposal and by the 10th of August, you will know if you made it to the next phase.

Phase B
The three finalists who managed to surpass competition can now work on the Implementation and final tunings of their Business Idea. Final pitch will take place on the 30th of September 2015. Hold your breath for the big winner, who will be announced early October…


Find out all you need to know about the telecom network elements of MTN SDP here (sdp-api.rar, 6.5MB).

If you are one of the finalists and wish to incorporate the SDP features, secure access to the SDP test bed will be given for developing and validating your product prior launching.
You will also be provided with the technical documentation required (complete list of SDP APIs) and other support documentation.

MTN in-house development team will be assisting you throughout the process. However, no assistance on the actual technical implementation will be given (i.e. coding or pinpointing the technicalities needed in detail), as this is part of the challenge!

Finalists need to showcase the ability to perform under pressure with the available resources, which are common for all. Progress meetings will be arranged with the MTN in-house team, allowing teams to get the support required.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of MTN Innovation Challenge - EN
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